Friday, May 29, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Abbeyism

Here are some pictures of "Patrick the Leprechaun". Abbey made this mask at pre-school for her St. Patrick's day party and when she got into the car this was our conversation:

Abbey- Mom, we did everything green today and saw Patrick the leprechaun.
Me- Did you eat a green snack?
Abbey- Mom, we ate green muffins and drank green juice and we saw a leprechaun named Patrick. Mom, is my uncle Patrick a Leprechaun???

Me- No, but he kind of looks at acts like one!!
So from this day forward she believes her uncle Patrick is indeed a leprechaun............

Disney On Ice

Jeff broke my camera and I forgot I had these pictures on my memory card... I am also happy to report that we got a new Nikon D60 SLR and for mother's day I got a small point and shoot CANON Elph 1200..... These are both AWESOME cameras. We also got a warranty on both since Jeff is going to use the expensive one.

Abbey & I went to Disney on Ice back in March. We rode TRAX from Sandy to the ESA and had a good time!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

North Carolina

Abbey playing in Patick's backyard

Abbey kissing "her" babies the night before we left

Stevenson Kids

Abbey posing with the twins

Hey Yates, why is that Sadie is crying again?

What cute kids!!

A rare "friends" moment

The reason so far why Abbey is an only child!!

Thanks Patrck and Julie for letting us come and stay and play with the babies!! We had a great time and Abbey is now convinced she needs a new brother and sister!!!

Dying Eggs for Easter

After breakfast on Saturday morning we dyed eggs with the kids. They both had a lot of fun and got along rather well!!! After we got cleaned up myself, Patrick and the 2 older kids headed off to do some errands. We went to Sears to buy a chain saw and also went to Home Depot and Lowe's and hung out while Patrick purchased his new fire pit, hence the chain saw to cut the wood in his back yard. We ate lunch at Panera's (one of my NC favorites) and headed back home. We spent some time playing outside and around 4 we got the kids ready to take a few pictures.

North Carolina

Patrick, Abbey & Ethan on the back porch

Abbey, Ethan & Patrick in the hot tub

Sadie & Yates taking a nap

Yates & Patrick at Pullen Park

Abbey, Julie, Sadie & Ethan

Andrea and the babies

Abbey at Pullen Park

On Friday we slept in and Patrick made us a big breakfast. After we all got ready for the day we headed downtown to Pullen Park for the day. The kids played on the playground, went on a few rides (carousel, boats, train, etc). We took a walk around the pond and took some really neat pictures. We ate an early dinner at Q Doba (Patrick thinks this place is better than Cafe Rio, but I'm not buying it)... We headed for home and it started to rain pretty hard. That evening Julie and kids made Rice Krispy bird nests for Easter and they filled them with a peep and chocolate eggs and jelly beans. After Julie got the babies to bed she and I headed of to shop while Patrick sat in the hot tub with the kids....

North Carolina

Marbles Museum

Abbey playing hockey

Giving Yates a bath

Singing on stage at Marbles

Abbey and I flew to North Carolina April 7- 12th. We had tons of fun once I got my luggage on day 2. The first day was spent playing and hugging/kissing babies. Julie, the 2 older kids and I left in the afternoon to pick up my luggage at the airport and we spent some time playing at a neat park at the airport that sat right next to the runway.... We played in the sand and watched the planes land and take off. After dinner on Wednesday Abbey helped Julie bathe both babies and get them ready for bed. She thought this was the coolest thing ever!!! Abbey and Ethan had a very hard time getting along most of the trip (they always wanted the same toy, baby etc and the exact same time)...
On Thursday we got up early and went to a children's museum in downtown Raleigh (Marbles) and we spent the entire day there and were the last one's out the door. We spent the morning playing in the interactive section where the kids got to pretend to be firemen, postal workers, play store & kitchen, pirate ship, etc. We ate lunch at a cool little cafe down the street and then we went back for more fun. The kids played in the balls, played hockey, raced cars and then at 3pm we headed to the IMAX theater to see Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. After the movie ended we headed back to the museum and played in the balls some more till they literally kicked us out. We headed home for dinner and the kids all went down pretty early.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jeff's Birthday- March 10th

Better late than never......
Since Jeff has been skiing/Snowboarding at Sundance all winter Abbey picked out a snowboarding cake for his birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!! It was a low key day, a little skiing for Jeff and we had cake and ice cream. Jeff and I also went to see Slumdog Millionaire.....